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By filing to be nominated for this scheme, you have agreed that your music, images, videos and all other copyright material can be used for the purposes of the scheme and also agree that all content generated in relation to the scheme belongs to the organizers. These could include TV/radio commercials, press and online ads, billboards, documentaries, inserts on programs, fliers, hand-outs, banners, posters, brochures, etc. So far as they are used purposely in relation to the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Every information entered on the form by Artiste/Manager is the true representation of my works done and do conform to tenets of the schemes release regulations and guidelines.


  • The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards scheme is not mandated to give cash or any other incentive to artistes beyond the plaque. Where any such incentive is given, it will be given only to artistes that attend the event and pick up their awards personally.
  • The VGMA board has the right to dismiss, disqualify or bar any artiste(s) who abuses the scheme, the board or any of its members or the organizing body with or without any just cause or puts the brand into any kind of disrepute. Charterhouse Ghana runs an open-door policy where all grievances and issues can be channelled and resolved amicably.

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Artiste Name
Phone Number
Representative NameRepresentative Name
Representative TitleRepresentative Title
Song TitleSong Title
Music ProducerMusic Producer
Music GenreMusic Genre
Sound Engineeryour full name
Video DirectorVideo Director
Date of Public Release
Featured Artiste(s)Featured Artiste(s)
Category for NominationCategory for Nomination
Add Link To SongAdd Link To Song
Add Link To VideoAdd Link To Video
Upload Songupload
Upload Promotional materialsupload

By clicking on “submit”, you agree to the VGMA’s Terms and Condition.

You also agree to our Authorisation Statement, which describes how we process your information.

That every information entered on the form by you is the true representation of Your works done and do conform to tenets of the schemes release regulations and guidelines.

Any false representation in terms of ownership, release dates, etc could result in a total disqualification of the artistes and the works submitted

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